Sociopolitical in aged care

Paper topic
• Aim of assessment
• The purpose of this analytical paper is to show your
understanding of current issues in aged care. This involves
critically analysing residential aged care services in Australia.
• On successful completion of this assessment task students will
have met the following learning outcomes:
• critique models of health service delivery for older people,
including models of wellness, user-pays, case management,
and active ageing (WHO);
• demonstrate an understanding of contemporary aged care
issues from political, philosophical, legal and ethical positions;
• critically discuss strategies for reform in the delivery of aged
care services that take into account all stakeholders.
Paper topic
• Details
• In this assessment task you are required to write an essay on the following topic:
• The growing aging population in Australia has led to an increased need for
community aged services. To ensure that older people are getting the services
they need, aged care community services have been reformed to use a
consumer directed care model.
• In this assessment task you are required to write an analytical paper that:
• Critiques consumer directed care
• Critically discusses consumer directed care. Your discussion should include the
positives and negatives of this model.
• In this paper you should include:
• A discussion of what consumer directed care is. Your discussion should include
political and ethical positions.
• A discussion and critique of the issues in providing consumer directed care for
consumers and care providers.
• Your paper must include references to the literature
• You can use headings in an analytical paper 2
Interpreting the Paper
• Examine the consumer directed care (CDC) issues at present
• What are the political issues in CDC?
• There are a number of ethical issues to handle, in the activities
with CDC. How are these resolved?
• CDC leads to difficulties within the health services: how are
these resolved?
Interpreting the Paper
• How does consumer directed care assist help provide better
services for the Aged Care?
• How are consumers and providers affected?
• Why move to a consumer directed care program?
• What are the ethical issues and what are the issues on who
may have access to this service? Add in philosophical
• How are older people affected by this policy; are they better
Structure of Paper
The essay is divided into three parts:
ØIntroduction – 10% 250-300 words
ØBody – 80% – 2500 words (4-5
ØConclusion – 10% – 250-300 words
Key Elements of Introduction
üAn opening sentence that introduces
the topic
üBackground information related to
the topic
üThesis Statement
üOutline of main ideas covered in the
The Opening Sentence
ØIs concise
ØSparks interest in the topic
ØDoes not include reasons or
ØDoes not include an in-text citation
Background Information
Set the topic in context by providing some background
information which could include:
vReasons for significance of topic/issue
vPotential effects of the topic/issue
vExamples of use in healthcare
Note: Ensure that the information is relevant!
Thesis Statement
A thesis statement is:
A broad, formally written statement
Your point of view on a particular topic without the “I”
A thesis statement could stress a particular fact:
üConsumer directed care is an essential form of care, that is required
by large numbers of people.
üThere are key political and economic issues placed on the service
around its effective delivery ……….
üIt is generally considered with CDC, the present government needs
to respond to various funding concerns
Note: A thesis statement is your personal response to a particular
question or a quote. Do not use a direct quote or reference your thesis!
Paper Outline
ØProvides a map of main ideas to be discussed in
body paragraphs
ØGenerally the last sentence of the introduction
Note: There are no unexpected twists and turns
in essay writing! The main ideas
previewed in the introduction are expanded
on into the body paragraphs in the same
sequence as in the outline!
Writing the Paper Outline
Use an active or passive sentence to write the outline
*Active sentence construction
This essay begins by giving details around the impact on older
people, care and providers, and then includes a discussion of
some of the difficulties with the provision of care.
*Passive sentence construction
The aspects of the consumer driven care will be illustrated. The
issues around ethical concerns from the model along with legal
issues will be outlined.
Body Paragraphs
Paragraph 1
Each body paragraph focuses on ONE main aspect
It consists of:
§A topic sentence that introduces the main idea (No in-text
§Supporting sentences (facts/examples/statistics that elaborate
on the main idea; insert in-text citations)
§A concluding sentence that wraps up the paragraph (No in-text
citation required)
üSummarises main ideas covered in body paragraphs
ØRead body paragraphs and identify one or two key ideas from
each body paragraph. Paraphrase them and insert it into your
conclusion. This becomes your summary.
üRestates thesis statement
üConcluding statement
Note: Do not include new information!
No in-text citations required!
Prepare a brief Paper plan before
writing the essay to guide your
thoughts. Introduction
Introductory sentence – about the consumer directed care
model and what it means for consumers and providers
Background information – the political and ethical issues in
consumer directed care, the impact on older people and care
Thesis – various political, ethical and delivery issues are the
major concern for care providers, and it is essential changes
can be implemented
Outline – political and ethical issues related to the CDC program,
ethical issues in consumer directed care and the impact they
have had on older people and care providers
Paper plan Body paragraph 1
Topic sentence – Discussion of a consumer directed
care model for consumers and providers
Supporting sentences- An example of some of the political
concerns include ……….. and these have an impact on the
older people and their directions …… (Gill et al., 2017)
Elder, Aylen & O’Keefe (2015) discuss key issues around the
client’s self-care and this issue is important within aged
care ……… .
Concluding sentence – Consequently, Consumer
Directed Care models in Aged Care show that
……………….. . The impacts from these models show
that help is necessary ………. Some of the difficulties
from the care providers demonstrates that ……
Language features
ØFormal, objective language
ØA range of tenses
ØA variety of sentences – simple, compound and
complex (more compound and complex
sentences used)
ØReporting verbs – to objectively paraphrase
other writers’ viewpoints (For eg: Elder, Aylen &
O’Keefe (2015) state/indicate/claim/suggest …


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