Software Development Life Cycle

In Chapter 9 of our course text, you studied the phases of the System Development Life Cycle (SDLC). Use
the steps of the SDLC to describe the process of accomplishing a task that is of interest to you. Your task can
be any task and does not have to be related to an IT system. Examples might be to take a trip; buy a house,
car, or something else; get a degree; learn how to do something; plan a party; bake a cake; or just about
anything else. The idea here is to come up with some concrete examples of the abstract concepts of the SDLC
to show that you really understand what each step involves.
The SDLC has five primary phases:
Systems Planning and Selection
Systems Analysis
Systems Design
Systems Implementation and Operation
Systems Maintenance
After you have formulated your task and described each step, present your information in a PowerPoint
presentation with a minimum of six slides (This is in addition to the title and reference list slides).
Presentation requirements:
You should have a title slide, a table of contents slide, and a reference list slide.
You should have at least one slide for each of the SDLC phases. Use the SDLC phase to title these slides:
System Planning and Selection, Systems Analysis, Systems Design, Systems Implementation and Operation,
and Systems Maintenance. Include speaker points in each slide.
Your presentation should have at least two relevant images in it.
Your summary slide(s) should answer the following question:
Why is it important to integrate the SDLC process?

Sample Solution