“Songs of Freedom”

write a weekly blog called “Songs of Freedom” Each entry discusses a song that had a significant impact upon American society, but which is largely forgotten today.

Write a blog entry about one of the Lesson 02 songs, important in its time, but now largely forgotten. Wake up your reader to this song, its original audience and purpose, as well as its impact on and meaning for the society, culture or politics of its time.

As you plan your blog entry, recall the class lectures about the ways in which a song can function, for the singers of the song, as well as for the listeners who may support, oppose, or feel neutral about its statement. What means does the song use to to accomplish its aims? How successful was it? Would it be successful today? How and why did it move you enough to write about it? (These are examples of questions you will want to address for your readers.)

Draw on the entire lesson’s material to support your presentation and point of view.

Sample Solution