Sophie’s Restaurant in lieu of funding

Consider again the proposed changes at the Turnadot Hotel and the analysis presented. Here you are asked to consider a scenario and prepare a response from the perspective of the hotel manager, Turnadot.

Suppose the owner expresses a strong desire for the FF&E loan option to fund the new Sophie’s Restaurant in lieu of funding as an additional capital investment. In addition, the owner insists that Turnadot waive its brand standards and close the existing restaurant, allowing Sophie’s to operate during breakfast and to provide room service. However, the manager, Turnadot, believes the additional capital investment model is a more equitable arrangement in which both parties share the benefits from the investment.

Considering the dispute resolution process provided earlier, create a post that provides your recommendations to Turnadot on the following:

How far should Turnadot go in the dispute resolution process to convince the owner to agree to the additional capital investment option and to reconsider the brand standards requiring Turnadot to operate one restaurant?
How should Turnadot approach the owner and how hard should it push the negotiations? What do you foresee as the consequences of this approach?
In your post, provide Turnadot with the following three positions: 1. The most desirable outcome for Turnadot; 2. The least desirable outcome that is still acceptable; 3. The outcome that is most fair to both parties.
You should post your recommendation and are encouraged to respond to the posting of at least one classmate, preferably one who makes a different recommendation than your own.

Sample Solution