South Africa

The project focuses on human security.
You will look at the SDG 2030 sustainabledevelopment/sustainable- development-goals/ and Agenda 2063 goals
You will research what you think are the two most important goals from SDG2030 and Agenda 2063 for your chosen country.
You will explain why you’ve chosen those goals. You will describe how your country is doing on the targets for those goals, what plans are in place to move forward, and what you think needs to be done. Include your informed opinion as to whether or not it is likely to succeed or not, and why, and what sort of assistance from the international community might be of the most help.
You may want to consider the role of one or more of the following as it impact’s your country’s efforts:
Ethnic makeup (historical and present) Political system (historical and present) Economic sectors (imports and exports) Educational system(s)
Gender relationships
Role within world systems (political and economic, past and present)
e.g. colonial status and systems of gov, economic production role (control of and type) Role and effect of armed conflict (internal and/or external)
You will prepare an “Executive Summary” detailing your findings. It will be no more than 7 pages in length and should be properly cited.
You’ll also put together a brief (6-10 minutes) Powerpoint presentation that you will present to the class during the last week of the semester.



































































Sample Solution