Special population

Select a special population for the focus of this assignment. Write a 750-1,000-word essay in which you
describe how two or more individuals from the same special population may be culturally diverse from one
another. For instance, two cancer survivors can be considered in the same special population because
they are cancer survivors, though each individual may have different cultural identities.
Include the following in your essay:
Explain how the diversity is relevant to how those individuals seek out and interact with behavioral health
How does social justice influence where and when these individuals receive behavioral health services?
Describe your own memberships to special populations. Include any biases you might have about other
special populations. How might those biases influence you as a behavioral health paraprofessional?
How might awareness of your own or others’ biases help you better assist behavioral health clients?

  1. Which ethical theory categories do these rights, needs, desires or views fall into (please discuss 3)? Can
    use Pp 2a and the Shafer-Landau book to help you get an overview of these theories. You should pick


Desire Satisfaction Theory

Divine Command Theory

Natural Law Theory

Ethical Egoism

(NOT Psychological Egoism)

Consequentialism or


Kantian Ethics

Virtue Ethics

Social Contract Theory

Ethical Relativism (can include Cultural Relativism)

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