Speed Analysis

A car, initially at rest, travels from 0 m/s to 19.3 m/s in 25.6 s. What is the car’s acceleration?

A car, initially traveling at 72.8 mi/h, slows to rest in 5 s. What is the car’s acceleration?

A car, initially at rest, accelerates at 5.03 m/s2 for 11.2 s. How far did in go in this time?

A person swings a rock around on a string, causing it to sweep out in a circle of radius 0.51 m. If the rock travels at a constant speed of 13.5 m/s, what acceleration does it experience?

A car slows from 20.62 m/s to rest in 4.41 s. How far did it travel in this time?

The driver of a car traveling down the interstate slams on the brakes, causing the car to skid to rest over a distance of 103.3 m. If the car experienced an acceleration of 11.67 m/s2 during this time, how long did it take for the car to come to rest?

How long does it take for a ball dropped off of a building of height 69.2 m to hit the ground if the ball starts its fall from rest?

A bag of rocks has a mass of 21.2 kg. What is its weight here on the Earth?

A cup of coffee has a mass of 0.357 kg. If you place this cup of coffee on a desk and let is sit there undisturbed, how much force is the desk exerting on it?

A car of mass 1,385 kg accelerates from rest to 23.8 m/s in 5.65 s. How much force was required to do this?

Consider a person standing on a scale in an elevator. If the elevator accelerates upwards with an acceleration of 1.37 m/s2 and the person has a mass of 76.3 kg, what would the scale read? HINT: you need to take into account the acceleration due to gravity, as well as that of the elevator.

How much force is required to keep a car on a circular turn of radius 135.5 m if it is traveling at 14.6 m/s and has a mass of 1,208 kg?

A box, initially at rest, has 44.9 N of force exerted on it for 3.19 s. If the box has a mass of 5.49 kg, what was its velocity at this time?

Mars’ gravitational pull is 0.376 that of the Earth’s. What would a person of mass 84.3 kg weigh on Mars?

How much force is required to bring a car of mass 1,378 kg, initially traveling at 19.7 m/s, to rest in 5.3 s?

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