Spiegelman’s graphic novel, Maus

Select one of the following topics and prepare a l, 500 word essay that reveals your understanding of Spiegelman’s graphic novel, Maus. Be sure to have a clear thesis statement and subpoints to substantiate the thesis.  Provide quotations from the text of the novel as well as summaries and paraphrases, properly documented using APA formats.  Consult at least five secondary sources and show how you made use of them.


  1. Define the term graphic novel. Do you have any graphic novels in past reading experience that you enjoyed? Explain why you think Spiegelman succeeds (or does not succeed) in making the Holocaust real for readers using this format.
  2. Art’s relationship with his father, Vladek, is one key aspect of What are the key features of this relationship? Does this relationship change? In what ways?
  3. Art suffers from feelings of inferiority about his career as an animator and cartoonist. Analyse two or three scenes in which he deals with his guilt and frustration about himself as an artist.
  4. Choosing at least three scenes in which the drawings of the mice work for you as reader, explain the animal imagery in Why are mice appropriate characterizations for Jews during the Holocaust?



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