Spike Lee’s Do The Right Thing and the Coen Brothers’ Fargo challenge

“As Hollywood became a place where films were made in response to market research and packaged with stars, music, and high-concept ideas well in advance of principal photography, moviemaking became increasingly systemized and standardized” (Lewis, 395). In other words, making a movie in Hollywood started becoming something of a formula or recipe to follow. You make sure to include certain key ingredients, and the film is sure to be a hit. The independent movie scene of the 1980’s and 1990’s arose partly in response to what was viewed by many filmmakers to be an American cinema that was nothing but formulaic blockbusters (films like Ghost Busters, Indiana Jones, Back to the Future, Rambo, etc.) made mostly to make as much money as possible by entertaining and thrilling audiences in a way not unlike a rollercoaster at a theme park.

American independent filmmakers wanted to make films that were different from the standard films of Hollywood. They wanted to offer a fresh voice, a new perspective, films that challenged what was considered normal or typical or common in Hollywood films.

In what ways do Spike Lee’s Do The Right Thing and the Coen Brothers’ Fargo challenge the typical Hollywood film? Do they offer different types of characters? Plots? Subjects? Filming techniques?

Write three well developed, focused, error-free paragraphs that offer 3 ways in which these two films offer something different from the typical Hollywood film.

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