Spirituality for the Long Haul

Rolheiser speaks of a few ideas that are meant to help us think about how we can sustain our spirituality. He says that we need to be a mystic, and pray and ponder. He says that we need to sin bravely, in other words, we need to “own” our sins and be honest with ourselves about who we are and who we are trying to be. He says that we need to gather ritually at Church, as community, and that we need to maintain ritual. He also says that we need to know God personally.
1) Why are these 4 things important as we look towards sustaining your spirituality? Do you agree with him or not? Why?
2) How can you put each into practice in your daily life? Would you add another idea in terms of sustaining your spirituality?
3) Why do you think Rolheiser ends his book with the story of the Prodigal Son? What is the overall message to us? Be specific and thorough in your answer.

Sample Solution