1: Using trend line extrapolation, forecast the potential attendance figures for Birmingham’s Commonwealth Games 2022. Use linear trend line graphs to support your answer (250). Task 2: Identify with, and explain the peaks and troughs plotted on the Commonwealth trend line (1000). Task 3: Identify with the common challenges in estimating Birmingham’s Commonwealth future attendance (750). Task 4: Provide a series of innovative solutions to overcome the perceived challenges of trend line extrapolation (500).
Task Guidance In answering the question, you may consider inclusion of the following: A clear understanding of trend line extrapolation. An examination of past sporting events namely the Commonwealth Games appreciating sadist capacity, international tourism statistics etc. A historical understanding of significant events that shaped the time-space. An understanding of the external geo-political and economic environments and their implications e.g., Br-exit. An appreciation of the solutions available to appease trendline extrapolations shortcomings.












































































Sample Solution