Sports Ministry Plan

Decide what programming will take place for the journey and what the action will be once the group arrives. Students will also discuss the specific target areas for ministry worship and the plan to reach out to each of the target areas (i.e., children, women, athletes).

Part III of the Sports Ministry Plan requires a thorough reading and understanding of the lesson this module involving programming and the various components encompassed. The location has been chosen, the action plan has been put into place, now it is time to discuss the ministry efforts and fulfilling the action plan once the group has arrived.
Answer the following questions:
• What programming will you plan for the ministry location you identified in Part I?
• What will you do once you get there?
• What are the specific components of your ministry?
• Who are the specific target groups for your ministry? (understand and elaborate on the different groups of people and why each group is important. Think about general target groups such as: age, gender, etc.
• How will you implement each component?
Explain why your programming is a good fit for the target groups of your ministry and their culture. Cite at least 1 scholarly source as an example to support why your approach fits well culturally.

Sample Solution