Sports Physiology 2018

Final Assignment – Athlete Testing Report Option (40% of total mark)
You will be provided with athlete fitness testing data (available on VU Collaborate). You will
be required to analyse, interpret and present the data in the form of an Athlete Testing
Report. This report must be submitted electronically via the ASSESSMENT DROPBOX on VU
Collaborate. Late submissions will be deducted 5% of the total mark for each day after the
submission deadline.
Your report must address the following questions:
1. Calculate the mean and standard deviation for each team for the sprint (20 m) and
vertical jump test results. Display this information in two graphs (one graph for each
2. Choose one player from Team A (identify the player in your assignment) and display
the following in a table:
a. Calculate their percentile ranking in relation to their team across each test
b. Calculate their percentage difference from their team mean for each test
3. Select one of the following athletes from Team B and provide a recommendation for
which sport (and specific position) they would be best suited to, and the areas in
which they need to improve. Provide justification for you decision (150 words max).
a. Player 1
b. Player 3
c. Player 5
4. Create a graph to determine the correlation between two test variables of your
choice, provide the relevant correlation coefficient (r) and comment on the nature of
the relationship.


























Sample Solution