SRD Assignment

In this course, we will prepare an SRD (System Requirements Document).
This assignment will consist of three milestones.
1.In Week two we will select a case to develop a system. Some examples would be:
1.A new website for a medical office
2.A new app for a pet grooming shop
3.A new billing system for e gym
4.A new eCommerce website, etc.
We will discuss those possible cases in detail.
2.In Week eight we will review what you have completed and continue to work on the final submission. You should have the template and the draft completed by this time.
3.In week 14, you will submit the finalized version of the SRD.
The document will consist of the following sections
2.Problem statement
4.System features
1.Functional requirements
2.Nonfunctional requirements
1.Safety requirements
2.Security requirements
5.Data flow (DFD)
6.Object modeling (Class Diagram)
7.Data dictionary
8.Use Case (UCD)
9.Database structure (ERD)
10.User interface

It should be a well-written document following APA guidelines.
Minimum 15 pages.

Sample Solution