“Staffing Organizations”

Assignment Instructions:
1. Part of formulating the job offer is to determine the employer’s stance on their policies for initial job offer negotiations. Considering the plethora of potential items that could potentially be negotiated (e.g.salary, perks, bonuses, flexibility, etc.) this assignment will have you create two rank-ordering systems. For one, rank-order your personal top negotiable items (at least five) and briefly explain why you chose to place their value in the order that you did. For the second, keeping your own current/desired industry and/or organization (if applicable) in mind, rank-order what you would believe to be their top five negotiable items. Be sure to clearly explain why you believe that your industry and/or organization would be willing to negotiate those items (if at all) and why.

Discussion Instructions:
Oral contracts are a relatively abstract though legally viewed as being every bit enforceable as a written contract. Do you believe oral contracts are a viable option in the employment context? Why or why not? Be sure to use support from the course materials to support your stance.







Sample Solution