Stakeholders and Policy


Stakeholders are individuals or groups who have an interest in health policy based on their positions, circumstances, beliefs, and values.

To prepare for this assignment, reflect on which health policy issue is of greatest interest to you and what you may want to focus your work on for this semester. Some broad examples (not all-inclusive) include

Transitional care
Wellness/health promotion
Women’s health
Health/disease screening
Comfort care/end of life
Long-term care
Disaster preparedness
Physical fitness
Aging in place
Reproductive health
Advanced practice professional issues (e.g., safe staffing, scope of practice/reimbursement)
Disease prevention
Palliative care
Nursing and other healthcare professional’s workforce issues
Disease management
Nurse-managed or school-based health centers
Health literacy
Workplace safety
Mental health/substance abuse
Patient centered medical home
Care coordination
Team-based care
Neonatal issues (NICU)
Pediatric and adolescent issues (access to care, obesity, physical activity, nutrition, school, etc.)
Title VIII funding—Nursing workforce development
Issues specific to the PPACA: health insurance marketplace/exchanges, value-based care, accountable care organizations, workforce issues, etc.
Meaningful use
Health information technologies (EHR, etc.)
Health disparities
Death with dignity
Healthcare quality
Healthcare safety
Acute and chronic pain prevention and management; opioids
Is health care a right?

Sample Solution