Standard psychological disorder classification and diagnostic systems

there are standard psychological disorder classification and diagnostic systems used worldwide by medical professionals, healthcare practitioners, and researchers. In this discussion, we will explore the International Classification of Diseases (ICD), which is endorsed and published by the World Health Organization (WHO).
Using the link below, please review and examine the array of categories of psychological disorders within the ICD-11, the most recent version of this publication:
Our focus will be on Category 06: Mental, Behavioural or Neurodevelopmental Disorders, and all the subcategories of disorders within the drop-down menu.
Please select a specific disorder classification to research from a cultural perspective. You will arrive at these classifications as you continue to click through the drop-down menus (e.g., Prolonged Grief Disorder (6B42)). Please do not overlap selections! You may make a ‘placeholder’ post with your choice early in the week while you conduct your research for this discussion.
Using your chosen disorder classification, run a Google search and include keywords such as global, cultural, cross-cultural, etc. and review your search results for more in-depth resources on this disorder from a cross-cultural perspective. Conduct a mini-analysis of the most relevant and interesting resources to share in this discussion.
For your initial post, please integrate the following elements:
A brief definition or overview of this disorder
Your cross-cultural search results and the resources you selected to analyze
A summary of highlights and key takeaways from these resources

Sample Solution