State Sex Education & Demographic Realities

Identify two states (try to find two that are dissimilar). For each state find the following information: If sex education curriculums are taught in schools (across the state? does it vary?), and if so, what sort of curriculum? Rates of HIV/AIDS, STIS, Teen Pregnancy Poverty rate, educational level achieved, average income, racial composition Compare and contrast the two states based on the information you collected. Once you have completed this task, provide your thoughts on the role, importance, and value of sex education, if any, on the well-being of these states. Finally, given what we know about the political nature of sex, HIV/AIDS and STIs, and what you know about the role of activism related to the HIV/AIDS epidemic, how would you advocate for a solution? How does exposure to past advocacy work support our solution? Will it work? Why or why not?

Sample Solution