McKee and Ptacek (2001) asked 90 college students about a time they had “delivered bad news” to someone. The table below shows the results for the type of bad news given. Using the data that follow answer the questions listed after the table.

Explain the idea of a frequency table to a person who had never had a course in statistics.

Explain the general meaning of the pattern of results.

What would be the appropriate graph(s) to display the data that is given above. Discuss your reasoning why you would select the graph of choice to display the data. If there are more than one graph(s) that can be displayed, discuss the implication of each.

Create your graph(s) using excel program. Use YouTube as a resource to learn how to create the graphs on excel.

Use your graph(s) to make inference about the data that is being displayed. Be specific!

Discuss the benefit of each graph(s) and compare the difference between the graph(s) display of the data.

Sample Solution