Stealing items from inventory.

Able, Baker and Charlie are sales people at Big Buy, Inc. Charlie is the best sales person at the company. Big Buy has an ethics policy that reflects zero tolerance for sexual harassment in any form.

Two months ago, Baker discovers that Able, her best friend, has been stealing items from inventory. She confronts Able who states “This company pays me minimum wage and it will never miss these items. Besides, I am not the only one doing it. You should take stuff too.” At or around the same time, Baker learns that several customers have complained about Charlie’s behavior while they were shopping. In particular, female customers have complained that Charlie followed them around and commented on their clothing and bodies. Charlie has not been disciplined, however, and he was, in fact, promoted. Baker decides that unlike Able, she will steal only small items since it is clear that Big Buy is unfair.

Identify five traps from The Ethical Executive that are present in this situation and the conduct which illustrates each trap (2 points each)

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