Stem/blog – Illness Epidemic from vaping


STEM Blog Grading Rubric
research the topic and write a 4-6 paragraph article that covers all the points in the grading rubric.
include at least 2 source in a work cited page.
Write 2-4 sentences about each relevant concept below.
Each one is worth a maximum of 1 pt.
No answer =1 pt off
partial answer = 1/2 pt off
These are the things I look for in grading your Blogs and you should focus on.

  1. How does the chosen topic relate to STEM?
  2. How well you relate the chosen topic to STEM.
  3. Is your Blog the proper length and format?
  4. How well you relate the chosen topic to the course.
  5. Why you chose this topic and how it relates to your personal and/or professional interests?
  6. What changes it may have on your thinking, actions concerning Planet Earth?
  7. Did you include at least 2 references in a WORKS CITED PAGE?
    Your paper should explain these things, specifically:
    why this topic was chosen and another one wasn’t,
    how this affects you, your friends and/or your family,
    your present and/or future actions and
    your attitude towards the world around you.

Sample Solution