Steps to Guide You Get started on your iPad

Steps to Guide You Get started on your iPad

This guide describes iPad mini, iOS 7.1 for iPad 2, iPad Air, and iPad 3rd and 4th generation. Your apps and features may vary depending on the iPad model you have, location, carrier, and language. The iPad comes with some accessories such as a USB power adapter (use the adapter to charge the battery), Lightning to USB Cable (use this cable to connect your iPad to the computer or the USB power adapter)

You can lock your iPad when not using it so that nothing happens on the screen when you touch it, but the music continues to play, and you can also use the volume buttons. The lock button can be found on the right top corner.

To unlock the iPad, hold down the lock button and drag the slider appearing on the screen.

Pressing the lock button and holding unto it until the Apple logo appears turns your iPad on.

In order to turn your iPad off, press the lock button and hold it down until the slider appears on the screen, then drag the slider.

Setting the auto-lock time, go to the Settings icon, then General, and select Auto-lock.

Set a security code. Go to Settings, and then select Passcord.

The Home button on the Home screen provides all the convenient shortcut commands that you need to operate the iPad.

To open any icons on the Home button just tap an app.

The side switch and volume buttons are on the right side of the iPad.

Volume buttons are used in adjusting the volume of songs, other media, alerts, and sound effects.

The side switch stops audio alerts and notifications.

To insert a Sim card, open the Sim tray by using a Sim eject tool on the Sim tray hole, press firmly and push the eject tool straight in until the Sim tray pops out. Pull out the tray and replace or install the Sim card.

Setting up iPad, turn on the iPad and follow the Setup Assistant which guides you through the entire setup process. This includes apps such as:

  • Wi-Fi network connections
  • Signing in with a free Apple ID
  • Entering a passcode
  • Setting up iCoud Keychain and iCloud
  • Turning on recommended features like Find my iPad and Location Services

Connecting to Wi-Fi, choose a network by tap on the listed network, and then request to join by turning on the Ask to Join Networks.

Your Apple ID is a user name for a free account that gives you the freedom to access Apple services such as the App Store, the iCloud, and the iTune Stores. You will need only one Apple Id to be able to access all the apps.

To create an Apple ID, scroll down to Settings, iTunes and App Stores then tap Sign in.

Mails and other accounts set up

iPad works with Microsoft Exchange, iCloud, and other popular Internet-based mail contact and calendar services. In order to set up an iCloud mail account, you go to Settings then iCloud.

Managing content on the iOS devices (this app enables you to transfer files and information between your iPad and other iOS devices or computers using iTunes or iCloud). iCoud stores music, calenders, photos, documents and more.



·          If your iPad is low in power it displays an image of an almost depleted battery, indicating need for recharge for up to thirty minutes before you can use it again.

·         Rechargeable batteries are fixed with limited charge cycles numbers, therefore, may need to be replaced eventually. The iPad battery cannot be replaced by the user; it can only be replaced by an authorized service provider. Check the Apple website for more information:





·         Please check Important Safety Information for directions on avoiding distractions while driving. Check the Apple website for more information:

·         Failure to follow safety instructions about the replacement of the battery could result in damage to your iPad.