Stereotypes of people with mental illness

Stereotypes of people with mental illness are just as inaccurate and dehumanizing as stereotypes of women, racial minorities, people with physical and developmental disabilities, and people from other diverse groups. While we still have a long way to go, ongoing efforts to combat stigma and discrimination have resulted in the questioning of negative stereotypes associated with mental illness, and have led to positive changes in public perception of such groups, including our perceptions of people diagnosed with mental illness. Even celebrities and other famous individuals, now talk openly about their mental health issues and personal experiences with their illnesses.

Despite the fact that we have come a long way in reducing the stigma related to mental health related issues, by openly discussing and identifying mental illnesses, and in the recognition of the treatment of them, why do you think we still have the tendency to stigmatize mental illness in our country? How do you think this stigma affects the lives of people diagnosed with mental illness? Is this the same as the other stereotypes mentioned above?

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