Stolen Generation Then and Now

Describe the social costs (only socialnot cultural or personal cost) of the forced removal of Indigenous Australian people. What are some of the ongoing impacts of the forced removal of Indigenous Australia people that are being experienced today?
Some points you may include: (you can add more)
1- Social cost:
? The indigenous people were exposed to abuse.
? Inability of expression.
? Lack of trust in the government.
? Taking children
? ……………
General idea:
? Government stuff

2- The ongoing impacts that are being experienced today?
? The indigenous children assimilation policies in the Australia failed.
? The low level of education.
? Ashamed of the cultures and ancestors.
? the indigenous families suffered from the forceful loss of their children.
? ………………
General Ideas:
¦ Current government policy
¦ Public consensus/concern
¦ Impact on indigenous culture/social/personal – statistics
¦ Books/art/music/cartoons/ re stolen generations

Some references that may help: (Please use at least one):

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