Participate in a group project wherein we are analyzing a company called Pointsbet. It is a relatively new company that is “a corporate bookmaker, offering innovative sports and racing betting products and services direct to clients via its scalable cloud-based technology platform” you can find out all about them by going to this link:

Write a two-page introduction explaining the history of the company and where they are going and some of the challenges they face. Identify their current strategy (Differentiation by having innovative IP technology and top-class employees as mentioned in an interview I had with the CEO of the US division. His name is Johnny Aitken) and couple it with the type of structure they have. I believe they have a hybrid between a M-Strucutre and Matrix Structure. Maybe include a structure diagram too if possible. Please be certain to create an appendices list and reference the provided website.

Conclude the intro by stating what the rest of the paper will explore. My group is exploring what the significant strategic problem is with Pointsbet and will apply the analytical tools we have learned throughout the course to identify the source of the problem and recommend ways to fix it. The main issue we have seen and will explore is the fact that Pointsbet doesn’t have any strategic alliances with other companies at the moment. Their main goal is to capture as much market share in the US as possible.

The Book is Strategic Management edition 5 Chapters covered that you will need to be familiar with Chapter 11. Pay close attention to businesses strategy and the types of structures associated with them. I would possibly consider Points bet to be a mixture of an M-Form structure and Matrix Structure. Ill let you decide after you do you research on the company. Once you figure that out, please provide an Appendix/diagram of the company’s structure.

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