Strategic Analysis of Alizz Islamic Bank

Times are more challenging for business than they may have ever been. The world is becoming increasingly uncertain and remains volatile. Competition is hectic and relentless and some well-established businesses are failing.
Produce a report that covers the most important key steps that Alizz Islamic Bank could take INTERNALLY to mitigate the above noted issues of uncertainty, volatility, relentless pressure and competition. You are required to also discuss briefly how the Omani Government could assist your chosen company or allow it to be influenced by market forces.

below the important points to be cover.

Table of Contents
Strategic Analysis of Alizz Islamic Bank
Executive Summary
Industrial Analysis and the Firm .
Alizz Islamic Bank profile
Industrial Analysis
Industry Competitive Analysis
Porter’s Five Forces
Threats of Potential Entrant
Threats of Substitutes
Power of Suppliers
Power of Buyer and Rivalry among Firms
PEST Analysis
Internal and External Analysis
Identification of Possible Scenarios
Corporate strategy
Strategic Analysis of Alizz Islamic bank
Market Penetration
Product Development
Market Development
Business Strategy
Competitive Strategy
Cooperative Strategy
Evaluation of Strategy and Recommendation
Evaluation of Corporate Strategy
Choosing the Best Strategy
Evaluation of Business Strategy
Conclusion and Recommendation

make sure to go through the lecture attached below to have better understanding of the assignment requirement .

Comments from Customer
hi you need to Internal Environmental Analysis

Issues have been identified:- challenging times, uncertainty, volatility, competition
Identify possible Solutions /strategies to overcome using at least 3-5 the models/theory to support
Can the government of Oman assist – if so how?
Suggest most practical/feasible solution/strategy

analysis of the internal situation using the 3-5 models, we should come up with a strategy? Do we have to talk about how will the company accept the change? Do we need to add a recommendation part or this will be the proposed strategy will be same as recommendation?

Appendix if you apply any models, or use any tables/diagrams to assist the conveying of information.
Label and introduce and highlight key issues within.
Use subheadings

Critical/analytical approach required
Integration of theory with practice.

Conclusions and recommendations

Sample Solution