Strategic Management in Health Care Final

Answer ONLY three questions from below. Your total submission should not exceed three pages Please note you should use 1.5 spacing, 12-point font and one inch margins on all borders.

Do not use any sources other than those attached on this file. Do not cite other than those mentioned here. Make sure you cite my sources ONLY! AND PLEASE, PLEASE utilize the power points attached.

The Strategic Thinking map in your text (Chapter 6) presents the hierarchy of Strategic Decisions and Alternatives. Select, define and explain a specific Expansion of Scope Strategy and how a specific Market Entry into Strategy. How do they work together and help an organization gain customers?

When it comes to an organizations ability to successfully implement strategy, culture is king. The impact of culture on the successful implementation of strategy should not be underestimated. Explain why this statement is relevant

Define positive sum competition and describe three characteristics of this form of organization that create value for the customer
The Product Life Cycle does not help when evaluating potential strategies – do you agree or disagree with the statement – explain why.

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