Strategic Posture and Corporate Governance

How has the company performed over the past year in terms of investment, market share, and profitability?
Page 3 & 4:
What are the company’s mission and vision statements? Please ensure the statements are from a valid source, such as the organization’s website. If the company does not have a listed mission or vision statement, then write one for them. Explain what makes a good mission and vision statement and what makes bad ones. Use a reference (correctly cited) to support your explanation/perspective. Then explain if your company’s mission and vision statement (or the one you have written for them) is a good one or a bad one and why.
*Review the following video explaining how to write a mission and vision statement.
What’s the Difference Between Mission and Vision? (YouTube 00:05:08)

Page 5:
List the company’s board of directors by name, if they are internal or external board members, what year they were elected to the board, what they do on the board for your company, and what their level of management is.
III. External Environment
Page 6:
Provide a written overview of the natural and physical environments affecting your strategy audit company. This summary could include topics such as but are not limited to the climate, pollution, weather, temperature, sea level, fresh water, flooding, etc. There is no minimum of the number of topics to write about; however, each one should be relevant to your strategic audit company.

Sample Solution