Structural Dilemmas

Formulation strategy(ies)/initiatives that will be used to resolve the problem. Do not suggest a remedy, e.g. using the phrase the company should . Instead, tell the organization directly what must happen for them to succeed. These are recommendations that follow directly from your analysis. For example, if you determine that the organization is functioning in a changing industry, e.g. radio and television, your initiatives need to address that problem as it relates to the central issue. In the case of McDs, how would using television and radio remedy the problem of lack of consumer information?
Implementation Kotter’s Eight Step Model. Each step defines the action steps that must happen for EACH initiative to take place. Be very specific for example, if you want training to happen, you need to say how many hours of training, who will be trained, the date by which everyone must be trained,and any other details that will help the organization do exactly what it needs to do to successfully change.
Plan to address resistance
Communication plan
Image of change
Lessons learned
Evaluation who collects the data? What are the measures? When are they due? To whom are the results reported? Again, be very specific. Make this a table that follows all other portions of your

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