Scenario: Hypothetically you are conducting a study on how weight, age, exercise (measured by number of daily steps), and co-morbidities impact daily blood pressure measurements over 30-days

1. Identify the below variables based on the information provided in the above scenario. (10 pts)

· Independent variables:

· Dependent variables:

2. Clearly and correctly label the below variables, as applicable, using the following discrete, continuous, qualitative, or quantitative (10 pts)

Individual weight

Age groups

Systolic Blood pressure

Zip Codes

Exploratory study of cancer and community impact

3. Locate one evidence-based article (published within the last 7 years) that addresses a clinical problem of interest. (20 pts)

· Provide APA formatted reference of your chosen article

· Identify the problem

· Identify the goal and/or aims

· Identify any tools or measurable outcomes that the authors used to report results.

· Describe how visual data displays were used in your chosen article as applicable, further describe the usefulness of visual displays of data (charts, graphs, tables, etc.) in the dissemination of research or project improvement outcomes.


4. Briefly describe at least one visual data display you would consider using when sharing the results of your hypothetical clinical outcome improvement project? Briefly provide rational (include APA formatted reference) (20 pts)

5. Describe which statistical test would be most appropriate and why to examine (include APA formatted reference) (20 pts)

· Measure differences in exercise frequency between men and women living in an assisted living facility.

· Measure differences in “reported” caloric intake before and after a dietary intervention among three groups of participants.

6. Briefly describe the purpose of a power analysis. Would a power analysis be important to use in your proposed study idea? Why or why not? (Include at least one APA-formatted reference) (20 pts)

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