Successful and Unsuccessful Leadership Coaching

Scenario: Your client is the leader who is having difficulty managing the high volume of priority items. These items include 1) prioritization-related intensive work pressure, 2) performance efficiency, and 3) productivity.

  1. Discuss the integration of faith and current practices of coaching for the above scenario.
  2. Discuss one example of a coaching scenario where the coach successfully navigated a leader through his or her specific leadership challenge
  3. Discuss one example of a coach who did not successfully navigate a leader through a different leadership scenario.

PowerPoint Requirements:
Mainly pictures/images on the slides only. Visual Content Slides ONLY (DO NOT INCLUDE a Title Slide, or References slide(s)).
Mainly (images) pictures on the slides only. Create 15 content slide PowerPoint slideshow with pictures/images which visualizes the research project to an audience of coaches. Limited verbiage (insert a couple of descriptive sentences below the slides in the notes section to capture the essences of the image.)
Ensure that all slides include the link from where the visual or information on the slide was retrieved.
Every image or verbiage quoted requires documentation.

Sample Solution