Summary of readings

Read the required readings and answer the following questions:
Required readings:
Shi Zhecun, “One Evening in the Rainy Season” (1929).
Lee, Leo Ou-fan. “Textual Transactions: Discovering Literary Modernism through Books and Journals”
Mu Shiying, “Five in a Nightclub” (1932).

  1. Use four sentences to summarize the beginning, developing, highlight, and ending of the plot development
    in “One Evening in the Rainy Season.”
  2. List at least FIVE modern Western literary Journals or societies introduced to Shanghai by the 1930s as
    mentioned in “Textual Transactions: Discovering Literary Modernism Through Books and Journals.” Have you
    heard any of them?
  3. Who are the five people and how are they “beaten” by life respectively in “Five in a Nightclub?

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