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Listen to the podcast “Brynjolfsson on the Second Machine Age” and reflect on how the topics discussed in this podcast will likely impact you in the future.

SCM303 Essay 2 Assignment

The assigned essay is intended to be a professionally prepared exposition similar to what you might submit to your future employer. As such, please refrain from “cutesy” expressions, slang, or other vernacular. Any inappropriate or offensive content will result in a grade of zero. The essays are not intended to be editorials so there is no need to argue or exaggerate your points.

• The essay must be 400-600 words in total length.
• Do not include any graphics, pictures, or charts.
• Each essay must contain NO personal identifying information (e.g., name, PID, MSU Net ID) so that it is anonymous to reviewers. IF YOUR ESSAY DOES CONTAIN IDENTIFYING INFORMATION, 5 POINTS WILL BE DEDUCTED.

• Outside references are not required but if you do use them, you must cite them.
• Feel free to use any reputable sources but do not directly copy or quote from any sources (published or unpublished).
• Citations can be in any easily understandable format.
• Any evidence of plagiarism will be graded as a zero.

• You must register with Eli Review (for free) through D2L and select this course (SCM303) using the code purses396upset.
• The essay can be either be created directly in Eli Review or created in other word processing software, and then copied and pasted into Eli Review.
• Note that Eli Review generally does not perform well using the Internet Explorer browser. Other browsers (e.g., Chrome, Firefox) don’t seem to have performance issues. If you have technical problems with Eli Review, please call the D2L help desk (517-355-2345 or 800-500-1554, available 24/7).
• Essays must be submitted to the appropriate Eli Review assignment no later than 11:30pm on the assigned dates (see below).
• Late assignments are not accepted for any reason and will be scored as a zero for the essay portion. There are NO exceptions. As it says in the syllabus, problems with computers, internet connectivity, life events, etc. are bound to happen so plan accordingly and don’t wait until the last day or last minute.
• If you do not submit an essay, you are not allowed to participate in the peer reviews of other students’ essays.

SCM303 Summer 2018

Essay 2 is due no later than 11:30am on Tuesday June 5, 2018. Late submissions are not accepted.
You must first listen to the podcast “Brynjolfsson on the Second Machine Age”. It plays for approximately one hour. The podcast and accompanying text can be found at:
Or it can be downloaded for free from other podcast sites. The podcast is an interview with Dr. Erik Brynjolfsson, one of the co-authors (along with Dr. Andrew McAfee) of The Second Machine Age. This book is their second in a series of three books (so far) that discuss the impacts of advancing technology on business and society.
As future members of the business community, we all need to prepare for these types of advances in technology. You are about to embark on a professional career that will last 30-40 years. In this assignment, I want you to reflect on how the topics discussed in this podcast will likely impact you in the future.
The topics discussed in this podcast are wide-ranging. The podcast starts by discussing autonomous vehicles, which are incredibly important and interesting. However, I want you to think beyond autonomous vehicles, and focus on another topic for this essay.
Essay Content – After you listen to the podcast, items that you must address in the essay are:
1. Other than autonomous vehicles, what is the single-most interesting topic to you? Briefly describe the topic.
2. What is it about this topic that makes you think it is important or interesting?
3. Regarding this topic, what can you do personally to help prepare yourself for it?
4. Many of the advances discussed in the podcast depend on increasingly sophisticated software. What have you done personally to better understand software coding? This could include courses taken, training materials, software packages you’re proficient with, etc.
5. What do you plan to do to increase your understanding and familiarity with software coding in the future?

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