Survey;Social Distancing

Choices or responses you should include their personal thoughts. That is each respondent
should be given the opportunity to come-up with their own ideas. You may also offer them the following choices
and five different/total responses are needed from each subject.
Choices Include but are not limited to:

  1. Social Distancing (3,4,6,7,8,…ft ?)
  2. Masks required
  3. Check-in/Screening at school before entering campus
  4. Minimize time allowed on campus
  5. Doctor’s approval slip
  6. Proof of vaccine/negative test result (current)
  7. Other A
  8. Other B
    Your homework assignment will be graded in accordance with the parameters that we discussed. They are as
  9. If you survey 20 people (Maximum number), this will count for 70 points. If you have less, the score will be
    reduced accordingly.
  10. Each subject is to provide 5 different responses. If you have less, the score will be reduced accordingly. A
    score for receiving 5 responses per person will equate to 20 total points.
    The above will allow for a student to obtain a grade of 90; it must be neat, professional, have your complete
    name on it and readable. You may enhance your grade by adding the following to your “product”.
  11. Typing (5 points)
  12. Color (5 points)
  13. Creativity (10 points)
    Create a color chart with the above information included in it. the 20 people surveyed need
    to have a first name and last initial of last name

Sample Solution