Sylvia Acevedo.

1) Research her role at each company. Make a timeline or sorts (possibly, not necessary) to see if there was a pattern in her responsibilities at each organization. Did she gain leadership experience as she moved from company to company? How did she gain the recognition within the company to move ahead in her career? Perhaps the following links will be helpful:

2) Referr to at least five readings or discussions/chapters to draw implications about effective leadership/ teamwork (I can provide some chapters from our textbook this is referring to if necessary. It is Ledlow, Gerald R. & M. Nicholas Coppola. 2018. Leadership for Health Professionals: Theory, Skills, and Applications. Burlington, MA: Jones & Bartlett. Third Edition.

3) Present at least three factors or principles that worked for the individual leader/team that would be difficult to implement in his/her life and/or work situation, and explain why.

4) Present at least three points that you leamed about leadership from this assignment that would be personally or professionally beneficial, and explain why. Note: I am in healthcare education.




Sample Solution