Sympathy with the devil from John Milton to Neil Gaiman

This thesis proposal has been accepted by my thesis adviser and committee members, however, I need to elaborate and write my actual thesis, which should consist of the following chapter structure: 1- Introduction (talk about the poem, critical heritage down to the 21st century, quotes from Hugh Blair and so forth, sympathy as a concept) (longest one. Intro and introducing the idea and early history of the double reception of Satan that is sympathetic and antipathetic. As part of doing so, flesh out to develop the idea of what a sympathetic reception is. Develop the concept of sympathy. Milton reading room online and check/search for sympathy, try to come up with a thematic connection. What does sympathy mean in the relationship of Adam and Eve? Set of emotions and attitudes?–? tool to talk about how people felt towards Milton’s characters. I’d have a structure to show the nature and influence of the two parts of the double reception (orthodox/antipathetic àC.S Lewis in both critical and creative modes preface to PL and Perelandra…. Opposing that: sympathetic Empson’s Milton’s God and Philip Pullman’s Dark Materials trilogy (lord Azrael is the key character). Last one is pop culture texts (part of this reception story àseems like both the sandman series and Lucifer tv series present sympathetic characters but diff sympathetic qualities than the Miltonic archetype, it’s something different) 2-C.S Lewis as an anti-Satan, no sympathy person 3-Empson and Pullman: Sympathetic devil 4-The complicated legacy in the form of Neil Gaiman’s popular cultural genres. 5-Conclusion ————- Other than the thesis proposal, I attached a file that includes notes from my professor. I already started with the part about C.S Lewis, so I also attached that under the file ?THESIS?.

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