System Implementation

You will create an 7-page system implementation document that details the engineering, furnishing, and
installation (EFI) technical aspects of your e-commerce company’s information systems infrastructure.
You are to create or assume all necessary assumptions to successfully complete this assignment.
System Implementation Document
You are to write an 8-page system implementation document in which you:

  1. Use graphical tools to design the logical and physical layout of the planned e-commerce company’s
    information systems.
  2. Use graphical tools to illustrate the possible placement of key infrastructure elements with external
    connectivity (Internet) and internal connectivity (firewalls, LAN).
  3. Develop the bill of materials and tabulate it in a spreadsheet to include item, description, model number, and
    approximate cost.
  4. Document the methodology and process to include the engineering, furnishing, and installation of the
    identified inventory.
  • Use three sources to support your writing.
    Choose sources that are credible, relevant, and appropriate.

Sample Solution