Systematic Racism in Housing

Write a literature review of a minimum of 5-7 empirically based articles related to your topic. Use literature that
is as current as possible, preferably no more than 8 years old. Paper should use APA format for citations and
references. A grading rubric for this assignment will be posted on Moodle. This assignment should be posted
through “Turn it in” on Moodle. Use the following as subheadings for you literature review.

  1. Introduction- Identify the form of systemic racism that you are focusing on. Describe the purpose of this
    literature review and why the review is important to do. Briefly identify the major themes that found in the
    strengths and weakness section.
  2. Overview- Provide an overview this form of systemic racism including the major themes you found in the
    literature regarding this form of systemic racism. Provide evidence from the literature that supports your claims.
  3. Recommendations- Conclude your paper with several recommendations for eliminating/improving this form
    of systemic racism based on the findings of your literature review.
  4. Conclusion- Bring your paper to closure

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