Tamara and Leo on rising intracranial pressure

Part A: Consider the vital signs and symptoms in the tutorial cases of Leo (aSAH) and Tamara (Paediatric MTBI) while in the emergency department.
Which vital signs and symptoms and are indicative of suspected rising intracranial pressure? Explain the pathophysiology of the chosen signs and symptoms applying the concepts to the surveillance of neurological deterioration in each case.
Part B: What is the role of the family in the recognition of deterioration and escalation of care in these tutorial cases? Explain using published evidence.
Refer to the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality on Healthcare – standard eight: recognising and responding to clinical deterioration in acute healthcare implementing recognition and response systems – Escalation of care:
2.9 The escalation protocol should allow for the concerns of the patient, family or carer to trigger an escalation of care.

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