Tatum, The Complexity of Identity

Provide a critical analysis for the following content

2100 words in total

make sure you follow the critical consciousness requirement

  1. Tatum, The Complexity of Identity (See attachment) 150 words
  2. Johnson, The Social Construction of Difference (see attachment) 150 words
  3. Kirk & Okazawa-Rey, Identities & Social Locations (see attachment) 150 words
  4. Takaki, A Different Mirror (See attachment) 150 words
  5. Haney-Lopez: Social constructions of race (see attachment) 150 words
  6. Jeffries: We Must Confront the Painful Parts of History 150 words
  1. Myers Briggs Assessment for Multiple Identities Project 100 words http://www.humanmetrics.com/personality
  2. Video: “Race Relations Through a Child’s Eyes” 150 words
  1. Lipsky: Internalized Racism 100 words
  1. Video: A Girl Like Me 100 words
  1. McIntosh, White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack (see attachment) 150 words
  2. Video: True Colors 100 words
  1. Kivel: The Cost of Racism to White People (see attachment) 150 words
  2. What White Privilege Looks Like in One Cartoon 100 words
  1. white lies cartoon 100 words
  1. Video: Interview with Founders of Black Lives Matter 100 words
  1. Video: How to tell someone they sound racist 100 words
  1. Video: A Tale of Two Schools: Race and Education on Long Island 100 words

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