Teacher Supervision and Staff Development plan


The purpose of this assignment will be to create a plan to provide teacher supervision through
formal and informal observations, which will lead to teacher professional development and
school improvement.

Assignment Expectations:
Write a 5 to 6-page document (not counting the title page or References) to explain
your plan. Include the following sections in your plan:

 An application of the district supervision plan to your individual building.
 Teacher collaboration with the development and implementation of the plan.
 A plan to prioritize your time and to systematically schedule and provide formal
and informal observations for all teachers.
 A process to summarize learnings from the observations from which to develop a
building level and individual teacher professional development plans.
 A strategy to assess how the professional development improved teacher instruction and
increased student learning.
 Discuss implications to Instructional coaches/Teacher leaders, in their role of coaching
 Include references using APA format.
 Third Person writing Required

Sample Solution