Teaching Plan – Routine Disease Screening

Develop a teaching plan for a select target audience on the topic: Routine Disease Screening

*Projects Required Headings and Content: APA Level 1 Format

  1. Introduction – Brief paragraph about the topic and why the topic is important to learn about
    2, Audience – Determination of audience (individual patient, family or community)
  2. Purpose and Goals – Purpose and goals of the teaching plan
  3. Assessment – Assessment of learning needs and learning environment
  4. Learning Objectives – Identify at least three learning objectives for the topic that reader will learn at the end
  5. Teaching Strategy – Utilize at least two teaching strategies and support use with rationales/evidence
  6. Instructional Materials – Utilize at least two instructional materials and support how they enhance the chosen teaching strategies
  7. Evaluation of Learning – Determine evaluation method for appraising audience learning and effectiveness of teaching plan (eg. a quiz, a paper, a presentation, a game?)
  8. Utilize a total of 3 resources with at least two of, which are peer-reviewed, scholarly resources to support teaching plan

Sample Solution