Explore the teaching strategies listed below. You will need to write a brief summary of two teaching strategies that you found interesting. Once you have completed the summaries choose one strategy that you would like to research and write a 250 word rationale explaining why you have chosen this teaching strategy.

1. Word Wall
2. Word splash
3. LSCWC (look, say, cover, write, check)
4. Concept Map
5.Vocabulary Chart/graphic organiser
6. Possible Sentences
7. Inference chart
8. Predicting meaning
9. Listen/Read & draw
10. Sketch to Stretch
11. Making connections
12. Look at the picture reading strategy
13. Reading on strategy
14. Question-Answer Relationship (QAR)
15. Prediction and Re-prediction
16. Summarising
17. Vivid descriptions (writing strategy)
18. Captivating opening sentences
19. Rapid writing
20. Pass it on/Pass it around (Adding content writing activity)
21. Story Maps
22. ARMS (Editing/reorganising ideas in writing)
23. Framed paragraphs
24. Peer Editing
25. Reading Backwards (proofreading)
26. Chunking



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