Team Management

Part 1:
Background: You and the paralegal team have been working diligently on the Hastings case for eight weeks.
Attorney Chong wants you to reflect on this work and what you have learned the past eight weeks, to selfevaluate your legal writing skills, and how you can continue to improve these legal writing skills in the future.
Respond to each of the following in one paragraph.
a. What is the most significant thing you have learned in the past eight weeks about legal writing that you can
carry forward in the future and why?
b. There are many important ways to improve legal writing. In Overview, the brief article, “Legal Writing for
Paralegals: 3 Ways to Improve Your Writing”, suggests three ways to improve legal writing.
Which of the three tips for improving legal writing, do you think is perhaps most important for paralegals to
apply to their legal writing, and why?
c. For you personally, what is the most challenging aspect of legal writing, and why?

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