Technology in the healthcare

The modern health care system would not be as effective were it not for the application of information technology in supporting the delivery health care services. One application of technology in the healthcare field has been in the use of the electronic health record for data storage and retrieval. The implementation of the Electronic health record has been fraught with challenges. Dr. Philip Kroth, from your text, has identified the three essential components of electronic health record implementation: the technology, the policies and procedures and the organization’s culture. To support the implementation of the Electronic health record, the federal government has moved forward with an ambitious financial incentive program to support the meaningful use or adoption and implementation of Electronic health records in the healthcare systems and private practices. Although many challenges lie ahead in the implementation, the stakes are high when considering the impact on all of the stakeholders in the system.

Describe how meaningful use has impacted your practice from both perspectives of benefit and challenges. Please give examples. Describe how meaningful use has impacted healthcare systems by sharing an example of the impact on care. In describing the specific impact, be sure to address all stakeholders. Please be sure to include references. Kroth proposes three essential components of meaningful use. Are these comprehensive or are there others that have not been included?

Let’s now turn to the mandate for quality in information technology. Health care quality is of paramount importance for the implementation of information systems and applications such as the electronic health record. Your reading on the McClellan testimony (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. to the US Senate Committee on Finance highlights four steps to improve quality of care and quality measurements related to information systems. As a class please review this testimony and answer the following questions:

To what extent do you agree that the gaps identified in the testimony currently exist and that filing them is essential to achieving quality? What is being done in the healthcare industry to close one or more of these gaps? Share an article (with full citation and permanent hyperlink) published within the past 6 months from a credible publication, e.g. a newsletter, periodical, or newspaper, that supports your statements.



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