Technology: T.V is negatively impacting the people

This essay needs to have four works: two has to be literatures from my book and two has to be external such as from new your times or the atlantic monthly, etc (the external work are your choice ti choose which ones)
The two literally works that i want to use are: “Are We Not Men,” by TC Boyle ( which talks about technology such as genetic modification and the main character was against this technology) and “Sonnet,” by Bernadette Mayer (which talks about a guy that may be her lover who choses to be sitting in front of the tv instead of hanging out with her)
the both literary works supports my claim which is “despite the advantages such as news, information about the world, en treatment shows and movies , TV is negatively impacting the human’s capability to socialize and be activated or successfully in life”

Using the above essay,explain how t.v is negatively impacting people

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