Technology That Changed the World

Content Section One: 3-4 pages summarizing the innovations, developments, and technologies which derived
from 1 of the first 8 periods described in the “Leonardo to the Internet” book (first 8 chapters only)
Content Section Two: 3-4 pages describing two of the technologies, innovations, or scientific developments at
length considering the background, the development, the central figures or contributors, the deployment or
uses, and importance (based on individual research)
Content Section Three: 1-2 pages examining the long term significance of both of the technologies,
innovations, or scientific developments mentioned above in terms of direct impact on more contemporary and
similar developments and/or technologies over time.
Must use the Misa book and five secondary sources (three of which must be books or e-books). Wikipedia or (and related sites) are not permitted.
Must utilize Chicago Manual Style citations (footnotes). You are required to include a Works Cited page (not
included in page count).
Chicago Manual Style Quick Guide Online:
Essay content should start at the top 1 inch margin of page 1. Basic Formatting: Chicago Manual Style

Sample Solution