Teen pregnancy

This discussion board is part of your simulated clinical assignment: Family as Client: Public Health Clinic.
Molly, a young woman observed in the virtual experience, is an example of a pregnant teenager who would
benefit from external sources of support during her pregnancy. There are many teenagers in her situation.
Identify the teen pregnancy rates in your community/region (note that pregnancy rates are reported per 1,000).
Compare and contrast with rates from the state and national level. Identify one reputable online resource that
could be recommended for pregnant teenagers like Molly. Identify and describe a community resource near
you that would help to meet the needs to pregnant teenagers. Use the AuntBertha.com website for
Some background to help with the assignment:
my zipcode is 02169
Molly is 18 and 6 months pregnant. Her parents threw her out so she lives with the baby’s dad at his mothers
house. He is 19 and part time employed. Molly is also employed part time and does not qualify for employer
health insurance and makes too much to qualify for Medicaid. She cannot afford to take care of herself and the
baby. She complains of exhaustion after work. Molly Quit smoking a few weeks ago and decreased energy
drinks consumption to 3/day. Takes prenatals when she remembers. The boyfriend has called her names,
kicked her in her stomach. He drinks and it triggers his anger. He is also mean to his mother.

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