You are presenting to the senior management team and your boss with the intent of persuading them toward a particular view. In order to make a sound case, you must provide background information and a clear understanding of each perspective, along with why your group is supporting that particular position. You will work in groups for this process and must address one of the following topics, based on what group you are a part of:

Telecommuting: Should employees be allowed to telecommute?

Assignment Details:
Form groups of 3-4 and select a topic from the list of topics provided above. Given the size of this class, there are 18 groups and each group is assigned a topic.
Conduct research of the topic you selected to gain an understanding and an overview of potentially conflicting viewpoints.
The assignment is to write a group position paper. The idea is to be as thorough as possible, while being succinct and efficient at the same time.
Your paper should include a one page summary of the background or history of the topic or issues being considered. Include why this topic is of interest to you and your group. Be sure to cite sources used throughout and include a reference page.
Opposing positions or perspectives should be identified. Write at least one to two pages providing justification or support for each perspective. Each perspective should be thoroughly explored.
Finally, establish a group position of which perspective your group supports. Write a one page summary of the group position, including why your group supports that perspective or position. Again, please be thorough and be sure to cite sources used throughout, including a reference page.
Papers should be written individually by each member of the group and submitted via canvas prior to coming to class to present. A sign up has been circulated during class for to sign up for topics and presentation dates. Presentations will take place during class. Each person in the group must participate in the presentation. Makeup presentations are not permitted except in cases of physician documented medical emergencies, pre-approved documented religious observance, and pre-approved documented university-sanctioned curricular / extracurricular activities.


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