Tenure managing, Allstar’s OTC cold medicine brands

During your tenure managing, Allstar’s OTC cold medicine brands you have undoubtedly grown in your knowledge of the industry refined your strategy and gained some insights with regard to implementation.

In a two-page memo, pass on to your successors what you consider the most important advice.

This should include the following:

What you consider being key success factors for Allstar Brands going forward

.Insights on the 4 P’s◦Product: What OTC cold/cough/allergy product would you suggest introducing next?

◦Price: What is your pricing policy and rationale?

◦Promotion: Provide insights on message content and promotional vehicles.

◦Place: What were the best methods to motivate your channel partners to improve measures such as shelf space?4

.Advice on how best to organize the new management team

Sample Solution